The Places We Live: Mt. Pleasant

This has been a whirlwind of a week for me.  After Monday, I anticipate that many of my posts will be about my internship in Congressman Kind’s office (Wi-03).  This, however, has been a wonderful week to get to know some more about the city itself and enjoy all that it has to offer.

I hope my other contributors will be able to post more about their own living locations when they arrive, but the area I live in is known as the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood.  This neighborhood was founded in the 1700s and has been on the national register of historic places since 1987.  It’s a richer neighborhood, counting among its residents Senators, chiefs of federal departments, former editors of US News & World Report and highly paid doctors.  It is also home to a former son of Wisconsin, Senator “Fighting” Bob Lafollette (sorry, no picture of the house).   The area just to the east of Mt. Pleasant (look it up on Google maps) is called Columbia Heights, and is a very old, highly Hispanic district

This neighborhood has some amazing old houses.  I could do an entire post on my uncle’s place (I hope to later), which looks like a European Palace on the inside.  Many of the houses were build around 1900, but some are even older than that.  According to our landlord, Frank Cain, a large population of young progressives moved into Mt. Pleasant around 1970 and became highly committed to its historic preservation and improvement.  Recently, quite a few younger people are moving in to raise children, raising concerns that this preservation may not be carried over to the next generation.

The end of our street opens onto a nice park surrounded by restaurants and small shops.  Every Saturday the neighborhood and city cosponsor a farmers market in this area, a picture of which can be seen to the left.  There was a great band playing and I promised them I’d put up a short clip of their music.  So here for your listening and viewing entertainment, the Second String Group!

Suffice to say, this is a wonderful place to live.  Its very safe, has easy access to the metro and grocery stores.  I’d highly recommend it if you can find an apartment here for the summer!

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