A Quiet Sunday Afternoon

It was a relatively quiet Sunday today.  Since I start my internship tomorrow, one might call it the calm before the storm.  I went out for dinner with the room mates and my uncles and prepared for tomorrow.  However, today was also the first time I’ve attended church while in DC.  It’s different than those we’re used to in the Midwest, and I wanted to share a little about the National Community Church.

Founded in 1996, this church runs several venues, each of them having their own semi-autonomous staff.  takes a different approach than most.  Instead of having the traditional church buildings, they decided to start operating out of movie theaters and then began building coffee houses around DC, with churches in the basement.  Here’s a picture of the one I attended today, at Ebenezer coffee house.

The building is located right next to Union station for easy access, and the congregation is made up by a large percentage of 20-somethings (they claim about 67%).  Their whole idea is centered around non-traditional outreach, such as through books, blogs and pod casts.  From what I can tell, much of the community takes place in small groups that meet throughout the week, who then come together every Sunday. I met a very friendly young lady today named Becca who asked if I would like to come along with several of her friends for coffee and Jazz at the national sculpture garden this Friday.  Needless to say, she had me at Jazz.

Final synopsis: This seems like a wonderful church committed to reaching young professionals where they are and in their language, and I’m looking forward to getting involved!

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