There’s gonna be a rumble..tonight!

My roommate Patrick and I have managed to snag a couple of tickets to see Steven Strasburg’s pitching debut for the Washington Nationals.  For those baseball fans out there, he’s got the potential to be the next Nolan Ryan.  For non-baseball fans, that equates to being the next Brett Favre or Michael Jordan respectively.  Here’s how good this kid is being billed:

He’s such a once-in-a-lifetime mix of pitching smarts and filthy stuff that even a wizened baseball lifer such as Nats minor league pitching coordinator Spin Williams says he gets “chills” every time Strasburg’s first pitch cracks into the catcher’s mitt to start another game.

It’s also one of the only home games that isn’t the season opener that the National’s have sold out recently, which is even more impressive when you consider it’s against the Pirates (same record as our brewers, 23-34).  There will be a blog post after this game, so stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and I also started my internship at Congressman Ron Kind’s (WI-03) office yesterday.  Most of the day was spent learning the rules of the office and setting up our email and computer accounts.  Because a lot of what goes on in the office is confidential, I don’t know how much I’ll be able to post specifically about my job.  However, I do intend to post fully about what I’m hearing regarding legislation that is being considered by the House and Senate, and to continue chronicling my life as an intern in DC!

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