Weekend Round-up

It’s been a busy week and weekend, involving work, soccer, and kickball.  I’m going to do one post to sum up the entire crazy time.

First week of work

It was a great experience learning how a congressional office functions.  Obviously I can’t say too much about the specific work I do, but there are many other things that I find absolutely wonderful about the office.  One is the news sources.  Congress has its own research division, called the Congressional Research Service (CRS), that writes reports on issues and legislation past and pending before congress.  As interns, we have access to these reports on top of the multiple news sources from the Post to the National Journal that enter the office each day.  If you ever wanted to learn about financial regulation, CRS is the way to go.  Unfortunately, its only available to congressional staff and interns.  Sorry guys!

My other favorite aspect about working in the office is seeing the people from the district that have taken the time to travel to Washington DC to express their concerns to Congressman Kind.  It’s wonderful to meet and speak with all of the engaging people from the towns I grew up around about the issues that they care about.

Oh yeah, and the congressional cafeteria serves stellar food as well.

World Cup in DC (Saturday)

Some friends and I got up early Saturday morning to watch the US play England.  I played soccer as a kid but have never followed it that closely as an adult, despite owning a couple of soccer jerseys.  I think I’m also with majority of the country when I say that.  However, this Saturday in Dupont Circle was a sight to behold.  Some local bar rented a big screen and set it up in the middle of the circle where thousands of fans gathered to watch the game and cheer on the USA.  Not wanting to sit out in the heat, we found refuge in Cafe Citron (below) just off the square and watched the game from an air conditioned basement.  The chants of “USA! USA!” when Dempsey scored his goal will go down in my book as one of the great moments of sports history that I’ve experienced.

Badger Sightings (Sunday)

Met up with my friend Steven Olikara, who is interning in DC at an environmental NGO for the summer yesterday (Saturday).  It was great to see someone else from Madison who has been engaged in local and city level public service like Steve has, and to take a moment to talk about the campus in the midst of the Nation’s capitol.  Hopefully Steve will be writing a post or two for the blog in the coming days and weeks!

Service At NCC (Sunday)

I went back to the National Community Church by Union Station again for the service today.  It was a great challenge to examine your life and see if you really are someone who is following Christ, or if you’re just going through the motions.  Very convicting.  This coming Friday for lunch, I’ll be getting together with several other interns and a hill staffer for a bible study/leadership seminar over lunch on the hill, which will hopefully take place every week.

Other than that, I’ve been taking the day to pour over some CRS reports on financial regulation reform with many trips to wikipedia to search various terms being involved.  It’s a complicated subject to be sure.

Up on the docket for the week are the following events:

  • First Stennis Center meeting
  • Pickup soccer
  • Drinks with former Badgers
  • Attending a DOD fighter demonstration at Crystal City (Virginia)
  • Local indie music concert at Ebenezers at weeks end.
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2 Comments on “Weekend Round-up”

  1. Teresa Says:

    I don’t know why you say you’re having such a good time…sounds a bit boring to me. 😛

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