Lockheed Martin Part I

Hey all.  Today several of us Madison alumni visited Lockheed Martin, one of the military’s big 5 military contractors.  Military spending makes up approximately 4% of the United State’s GDP.  The VP of Lockheed Martin, Bob Trice (pictured below) is a UW Madison alumni who graciously offered us dinner and some time in their flight simulators.  While I had some issues with the content of Mr. Trice’s presentation, such as his labeling of military/industrial spending as “small potatoes” when compared to overall economic spending, more on that topic will be written tomorrow by my roommate Paco.

While it wasn’t a Badger sighting, tonight I also had the pleasure of meeting a former Drum Major of the Michigan Marching band (2002-2004) named Matt Cavanaugh.  He has been working for Lockheed Martin as an engineer for a number of years.  We had a long conversation about the differences in band culture, performance styles, and Drum Major philosophies (for those that don’t know, I was the Drum Major at UW-Madison from 2008-2009).  He’s also the guy who claims to have invented the Maize out at Michigan, and I have no reason to doubt him.  We also talked a lot about leadership and how no course can prepare you for the things you’ll learn about leading an organization like being in Marching Band.

One of my favorite aspects about Washington DC is that it is a small world, and that you can make connections with just about everyone if only you’re willing to take the initiative and talk with them.  Chances are that if you open up and have the courage to interact with those around you on the subway or at the lunch counter, you’ll find something that the two of you have in common!

Tune in tomorrow for Paco’s take on the Lockheed Martin and a report from my tour of the White House!

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