Badger badger badger badger…

Apparently there are UW Alumni in every nook and cranny in Washington DC.  From the Defense industry to non-profits, from capitol hill to the white house former badgers are secretly forming a network that will one day rule the free world.

Ok, so its nothing that sinister, but the fact remains that there are quite a few badgers living and working in Washington DC, to say the least.  I went to a Wisconsin Alumni event where about 40 or 50 different badgers from across the city and area showed up to reminisce and reconnect.  The official Wisconsin meeting place is Hamilton’s Bar and Grill on 2nd street right off the national capitol  building on 2nd street.  I hear tell that if you go there on a Saturday between September and December, there WILL be badger football on each and every television.

I met several badgers that are new to DC and are hoping to make a break and offer their talents in public service.  When I was a tour guide, we had a sign in the back of the theater that gave a tally of the previous three years commitments of UW Alumni to the peace corps.  I wish we had a sign somewhere that gave a tally of all the UW Badgers that are engaged in public service to our country’s government, as well as states and localities.

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