For Safety’s sake?

A recent report by the office of compliance recently released its findings on the potential hazards of capitol hill:

Even so, the latest study offers arresting detail. Investigators estimate there are 1,742 electrical hazards, 1,058 fire-safety hazards, 102 storage shelving issues, 61 first-aid emergency-care lapses and 70 machine-guarding problems, to name a few found so far. Inspections are ongoing.

Workplace safety experts say that if Congress were a private-sector business, it would be at risk for massive fines from government regulators.

More than the over 6,000 safety hazards uncovered, I’m more interested in this article because of the failure of congress to live up to the harsh regulations it imposes on the private sector.  Considering the numerous threats against our government every day, coupled with everything that goes on in these buildings, its a wonder there has never been a serious accident to expose the thousands of safety flaws that exist.  Despite the hefty price tag for some projects, like the $18 million required to improve the stairways in the Library of Congress, I hope congress will act soon to improve the safety of its thousands of congressional employees (and interns).

Sorry mom, I’m still going to work tomorrow!

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